Frequently Asked Questions

Do your products contain nuts?

While most of our prodcuts do not contain nuts, we live in a nut family home so there is a chance for cross contamination on common surface areas.

Do you ship cookies through the mail? Even the fancy decorated ones?

The answer is yes. In regards to our bite sized #cookiesinacup, we unfortunately have been unsuccessful shipping them IN the cup so if you order them, your cookies will arrive in a sealed bag. Each flavor is individually bagged. Decorated Sugar cookies are DELICATE. We use the utmost care when packaging these to be sent to you, however we cannot guarantee that they will all arrive 100% intact. Once it leaves our hands, we are not responsible for damages to the cookies.

Do you have a physical location that I can visit?

You betcha! Check out the "Find Us At" page for our store locations.

Are deposits refundable?

Deposits are made to secure your order. Once that has been paid it is non refundable. When you book at date with us for cookies or an event, you are now removing that opportunity for someone else to have that date. Please be understanding and respectful of our time as we are respectful of yours.

Do you have any Gluten Free products?

YES! We currently carry Gluten Free dipped Oreos and Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies! Those are made to order.

Do you cater to special events?

Absolutely, fill out our contact us form and we will get back to you within 48 hours!