To understand our business and passion, you must understand where we came from and how we got here.

My husband and I are both divorcees with two wonderful children each. Flash back to the Brady bunch, he had 2 boys, I had 2 girls and just like the show, hilarity and life lessons abound. Post-divorce, we both sought out our person, a loving and supportive partner to share our dreams. With a kiss at 12:01 am Jan 1st 2019, we were married and started a journey which has changed both of our lives for the better. We decided that dreams were worth pursuing and life was too short. This choice meant we would depart from the security of corporate life and venture into the uncertain terrain of entrepreneurship. With more than a little help from our friends and family, we are pushing towards our goals and loving every minute (ok, loving most minutes).

Mrs. Claus Cookie Company LLC is the first step in building towards our ultimate dream, owning an event venue in the form of a castle. Many steps between here and there but as long as we are taking them together, there is nothing stopping dreams from becoming reality.

We have found the only investment with amazing returns is an investment in people. We are never too busy to share a cookie with anyone needing a smile. Cookies may be our business, but people are our passion.